Welcome to R.K.Patel & Sons
"Connecting The Business"

R.K.Patel & Sons specialise in the area of  Finance, Consulting and Business Management. Our advisors are specialised in understanding the difficulties of small business that can occur operating client’s business and will lead their business through the heights of new developments can help to expand the business.

Our advisors can identify the issues with your business regarding accounting & finance, strategic planning, IT, human resources, staff, marketing, competition, research and forecast, current market situation, government policies which and how it affects your business infrastructure, risk factors, revenues, cost, further growth.

Then our professional team is able to work on it to resolve the major and minor issues and will lead your business to ladder of success.

R.K.Patel & Sons is based in Brighton, UK offering specialised services since 2012.

Most organisations these days are facing unprecedented challenges – from the economic climate, from the fast pace of competitive Business Market, from market changes of bewildering speed and complexity. To survive and prosper, companies need to be agile – able to anticipate what’s coming and able to take advantage.

We can provide you with the flexibility your business needs.

With R.K.Patel and Sons as your Finance Analyst and Business Development Partner, you will be in a better position to react quickly to these challenges. We have built expertise across the spectrum of common operational processes used in typical services and organisations. You can choose just one or two specific Business Management services to us, or opt for the whole end-to-end solution.